Programme Board

The Programme Board is an advisory body of the degree programme guarantor and one of the key elements in the joint efforts to ensure and improve the quality of degree programmes at Masaryk University. The Programme Board is appointed for each Bachelor's or Master's degree programme and its activities are regulated by Article 9 of the Internal Masaryk University Degree Programme Quality Approval, Management and Evaluation Regulations.

Basic information on Programme Boards:

What is the Programme Board?

The Programme Board is an advisory body of the degree programme guarantor, who is its chairperson.

Who are the members of Programme Board?

The programming board consists of at least five members and has the following composition:

  • Program guarantor - Chairperson of the programming board
  • At least two other academic staff members involved in teaching within the respective study program
  • At least one representative of students enrolled in the study program or a graduate of the program actively studying at MU
  • At least one representative from employers or graduates who is not a member of the faculty's academic community.

How to become a member of the Programme Board?

Members of the Programme Board from among academic staff, employers and graduates are appointed and revoked by the Dean on the proposal of the degree programme guarantor.

A student representative is appointed by the Dean on the basis of direct nomination by students of a given degree programme via the nomination application in the MU Information System, or on the basis of nomination by the Student Chamber of the Faculty Academic Senate.

Any student of a given degree programme or its graduate with active studies at MU may be nominated.

What authority does the Programme Board have?

The Programme Board meets at least once a year to evaluate the activities of the degree programme and to discuss possible changes. Minutes of the meeting are taken in the prescribed structure and become part of the degree programme documentation.

During the academic year, the Programme Board discusses proposals for major and minor changes to the degree programme as necessary, and annually evaluates the degree programme development plan, focusing in particular on:

  • results of the admission procedure
  • the course and result of state final examinations and defences of qualification theses
  • results of the course opinion poll for the previous period
  • the state of internationalisation of the degree programme
  • the rate of academic failure
  • promotion of the degree programme to potential applicants, etc.

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