The Degree Programme Guarantor

The degree programme guarantor is an expert in the field, represents the degree programme and submits proposals for changes to the degree programme for approval to the MU Board of Internal Evaluation. The activity of the degree programme guarantor are regulated by internal Masaryk University Degree Programme Quality Approval, Management and Evaluation Regulations. The position of the degree programme guarantor within the organisational structure of the faculty may be regulated by the internal regulations of individual faculties.

The main responsibilities and activities of the degree programme guarantor include:

  • responsibility for the quality of the degree programme, its development and regular evaluation
  • coordination of teaching in the degree programme in cooperation with the head of the department
  • communication related to suggestions, requests and questions about the degree programme
  • preparation of documents for regular internal evaluation of the degree programme
  • preparation of a draft plan for the development of the degree programme
  • if necessary, a proposal for the extension, modification or extension of the degree programme
  • proposing to the Dean an appointment of members of the Programme Board (except the student representative)
  • convening a meeting of the Programme Board at least once a year
  • responsibility for storing the complete documentation of the degree programme evaluation (minutes of the Programme Board meetings) on the degree programme document server

In these activities, he has at his disposal an advisory body, which is the Programme Board.
Administrative support for the guarantors is provided by faculty quality coordinator.

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