Based on the institutional accreditation obtained in 2018, Masaryk University not only independently grants authorisations to implement a degree programme, but also conducts regular evaluation of existing degree programmes with the aim of continuous quality improvement. Within its self-governing competence, Masaryk University has implemented a comprehensive internal quality assurance and evaluation system of degree programmes in accordance with the Higher Education Act, which consists of a set of interrelated principles, rules and procedures aimed at ensuring the achievement of excellent results and at the same time continuous improvement of the quality of MU’s educational, creative and associated activities.

Quality Assurance System and Internal Quality Evaluation Rules for Educational, Creative and Associated Activities at MU are defined in particular by the internal Masaryk University Degree Programme Quality Approval, Management and Evaluation Regulations. The quality assurance system is based on close cooperation at the level of the university, individual faculties, degree programme guarantors and academic staff, as well as students, graduates and their employers.

The guarantor of the entire quality assurance and evaluation system of Masaryk University is Board of Internal Evaluation, the supporting background for the development of the quality assurance system is provided by MU Quality Department. At the level of faculties, there is a network of quality coordinators which provides administrative support for processes related to quality assurance and evaluation at MU. Faculty quality coordinators work closely with degree programme guarantors who are responsible for the quality of the degree programme, its regular evaluation and development. The advisory body of the degree programme guarantor is the Programme Board, composed of representatives of teachers and students in the given degree programme, as well as external members representing institutions employing graduates of the degree programme. In the case of doctoral degree programmes, this function is fulfilled by Doctoral Board, which is composed of external members from other educational institutions in addition to MU academic staff. External evaluators are also involved in the processes of creating and evaluating the quality of degree programmes, who contribute to improving the quality of degree programmes at Masaryk University through feedback, unbiased external perspective and experience from other, often foreign universities.

Quality assurance processes at Masaryk University include:

  • processes related to the authorisation to implement a degree programme
  • establishment of the authorisation to implement a degree programme
  • extension of the authorisation to implement a degree programme
  • change in the authorisation to implement a degree programme
  • extension of the authorisation to implement a degree programme
  • internal evaluation processes for degree programmes
  • annual, so-called minor internal evaluation of the degree programme
  • major internal evaluation of the degree programme
  • processes for corrective actions in case of deficiencies in the implementation of the degree programme

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